20130604-193407.jpg Roger Houghton – Team Goalkeeper.
A tower of strength who really fills the goal. Easily recognised by his constantly strapped broken fingers. Ex Navy player – he joined the Navy way back in Nelson’s time!

Michael Artt – Forward
The original Belfast iron man and not to be trifled with. Brought up on an early diet of “Ulster fries” and Christian Brothers regime; no wonder he is a hard man!

Peter Head – Defender
Our elder statesman who competed in the 1952 Olympics in swimming and not chariot racing as some believe. A wicked, well judged master of subtle deceptive shots.

20130604-193829.jpg Andy Hothersall – Forward
Also known as “The Barrel”; Andy trains hard resulting in an impressive physique. He lives on a diet of Chicken and Lager… having said that, he’s a very good player. Andy is currently ‘getting fitter’.

20130604-194032.jpg Dave Cowdell – Recently the Coach
Known to the team as “Fergie”. Renowned for his unsparing criticism of poor play at training sessions and subjecting unfortunate players to the “hairdryer” treatment – fortunately, most water polo players are not known for their sensitive side. Carries several spare whistles in case of loss in the rafters of pools. He does have a tender side, although not many have seen it. Has now moved away to an area where now the sheep are nervous!

20130604-193458.jpg Kevin Hall – Club Secretary
Laid back attitude in and out of the water. Has his own special tiles to leap off when shooting. He recently edited this to read “Kev is the best at Polo” but we like to give you the facts so had to edit it out again. Loves the water so much, canoeing isn’t for him.


20130604-193129.jpg Nick West – Chairman
“Big Nick” is a real handful. The p**s taker of the team. You don’t need to look for Nick in the pool, just listen! In all seriousness though, don’t mess with Nick, he might throw a shoe at you. As Austin put it, ‘who throws a shoe, honestly!?’

20130604-194128.jpg Colin Winslade – Defender
Arms as long as the M6. Colin is also well know for his calming influence in the team and has never been known to spit his dummy; he wouldn’t abandon his teammates…

20130606-095602.jpg Richard Peasgood – Mid Bath Attack
The Gentleman of the team; always looks smart, acts smart and always collects the money. The jewel in the crown.

James Scotney – Team Captain and Mid Bath Attack
Strong, quick and agile, James has a terrific shot and can be a game changer, especially if he stays in the pool.

20130604-193727.jpg Daren Pike – Mid Bath Defence
Big, bold and strong, and that’s just his voice! A very strong defender – attackers tend to treat him like a roundabout; they’d rather go round him than over him. He’s not bad in a canoe…

Stuart Donald – Mid Bath Defence
“Ted” is fast, mean and keen. Like Daren, he makes you swim round him, roughly 100m round him…

Stefano Carnemolla – Mid Bath Attack
As the name suggests, he is known as “The Italian Stallion”. Very fast in the water, got a shoot like a bullet and loves to play.

20130604-193758.jpg Carl Brandwood – Mid Bath Attack
“Tanky” is all muscle (his name is due to the fact that he used to drive “little tanks” and not down to his weight). He swims like a left handed water boatman with one right leg, but thats beside the point – don’t mess with him!

20130604-193624.jpg Luke Pavey – Mid Bath Attack
“Mr Stato” knows it all: who’s scored, how many send offs each of the team has and how many laws they’ve broken! He doesn’t use his weight in the water but is quick on a very short sprint… about 3 strokes. Do not share a canoe with this guy.

20130604-193547.jpg Tony Parsons – In the pool…
One of the older members of the team; Tony “The Pony” has played for many years. You’d have thought being bald would be an advantage in the water, however, the poor chap resembles a fish with dropsy, almost as if he has toes missing.

Ian Harness – Forward                                                                                                                                                                   Ian harnesses (see what I did there?) the power of his koi carp tattoo to swim like a fish and shoot like  a tank. Joined the team from Lowestoft and makes the long trek down the Acle straight on a weekly basis.



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